19th June Saturday:            River Calder. Riverfest Competition. Meet The Ship Inn Mirfield 9am.

27th June Sunday:               River Calder. Meet The Ship Inn.

11th July Sunday:                 River Aire. Lemonroyde Lock.

17th July Saturday:              River Calder. Altofts Ings, Woodnook and Mexborough.

25th July Sunday:                Huddersfield Broad Canal. Steve Jackson Memorial.

31st July Saturday:              Aire and Calder Navigation. Whitley to Heck.

8th August Sunday:             River Calder Mirfield. A Jaffier Memorial.

14th August Saturday:         River Aire. Lomonroyde Lock.

27th August Friday:             Lindley wood Practice.

28th August Saturday:        Lindley wood. Day 1 Festival.

29th August Sunday:           Lindley Wood. Day 2 Festival.

30th August Monday:          Lindley Wood. Day 3 Festival.

4th September Saturday:    Huddersfield Broad Canal Championship.