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Mirfield AC Club Waters

A growing group of proactive and enthusiastic anglers



Day Tickets sold for Middle River Calder Valley, go to Agents or buy online.

The River Calder is fast becoming close to its prime of the 1970’s after years of issues with flooding and pollution. Chub, Barbel, Dace, Roach, Perch, Trout & Grayling are all prolific along all our waters from above Battyeford down to the lower lengths at the Bingley Arms and Healey Mills Ossett.

The club has an annual program of clearing paths and pegs for regular matches and pleasure anglers so the best fishing can be accessed.

John Cotton, 

From the top of the weir upstream to the Green Bridge, (joint with John Cotton). Entrance opposite Coppin Hall Ln. WF14 0EL.

Battyford Playing Fields.

Continuation from below the weir to (bridge n/o 4) Halfpenny Bridge. Entrance opposit Coppin Hall Ln, WF14 0EL.

Pear Tree.

Half Penny Bridge, Wood Lane. WF14 0ED. Park opposite Pennine Boat Club. One peg directly below 1/2 Penny Bridge, right bank downstream. Access to remainder of length, go over canal bridge and turn right into Waterside Walk, turn right back along the canal past the Marina to the Lock, fish 30mtrs below the lock to the old raileay buttress.

Ledgard Bridge and St Pauls, Newgate, Mirfield.

Ledgard Bridge, WF14 8LZ. Fish this bank, upstream of bridge one peg and down stream to limit. Great early season pegs. St Pauls Lock, WF14 8DD. Fish out of canal upstream to limit, approx. 5 pegs. Good winter pegs.

Ship Inn to the Calder road Bridge Ravensthorpe

From the Ship Inn (WF14 8HB) downstream to the Power Station at Calder Road, also the opposite bank up to the mouth of the Greenwood Canal. Below the weir at the Ship Inn is noted for its early season Chub catches, Grayling and Dace show in the steamier pegs early season and through the summer months. (Please show caution in this area as it is a prolific spawning area, early in the season try to fish from the banks and avoid wading if possible) Lower down the length (Calder Road WF12 9ED) for good bags of Roach, Bream can show when the river is carrying a bit of extra water in the Autumn months.

The Scout Hut length

Access is from the bottom of Scout Hill, Ravenswharfe Road(WF13 3RD). Left hand bank down stream to the weir. This length used to produce big weights of Bream in the early pegs and noted for Roach in the Autumn and Winter months. Tends to get neglected by members but the fishing can be exceptional on the right days. Roadside parking at either end of the length, it is an industrial area please consider HGV movement.

Thornhill Road, WF12 9BX

From Thornhill River Bridge fish left bank upstream past the weir to the railway bridge and fish right bank upstream to the weir. Used to be Earls Heaton water.

Calderbank Road

Top Entry access for this section is from the cycle track opposite Bee,s Cafe, Thornhill Road (WF12 9QF), fish upstream past the broken weir to limit (held jointly with Dewsbury AC) and downstream to road bridge at Mill St West. Bottom Entry access (nearest WF12 9QA). Park in small car park on the right before Mill Street West road bridge, fish this bank upstream from the bridge. One of the most consistent early season and Autumn stretches contains great numbers of Dace, Roach, Chub, Barbel, Bream, Grayling. It is a shallow length of fast water ideal for stick float and ledgering for the more experienced angler. Regular match weights from this length are in excess of 20lb.

Sands Lane, Dewsbury. WF12 8EB

This section is immediately below Saville Road Bridge, downstream to the sewage works left hand bank. A little deeper in the lower pegs than  Calder Bank Road good for early season late Autumn fishing. Some big Chub on this length and lots of Dace. There is a gate for the lower pegs onto Kirklees council playing fields.

Bingley Arms. Near WF4 5PT.

Both banks upstream of the road bridge approx 800 yards to the power lines, DEFINITELY NO FISHING PAST POWER LINES!!  This private land, with a protective landlord. All season for Dace, Grayling, Chub, Roach etc. Access for left bank up stream is via the lane from opposite the Bingley Arms along side the canal parking is through the gate on the right . Cars must not be taken onto the flood bank.

Healey Mills, Healey Lane , Ossett. WF5 8NE.

Park in the car park provided. Entrance to this section is over the footbridge, upstream to the old water bowser. Downstream, through the bridges to the bottom railway bridge. Another shallow Spring and Summer water with similar stocks as Calder Bank and Sands Lane. A length used by pleasure anglers and specimen hunters, a little known gem.


Lower River Calder Valley, Altofts, Near WF6 2PE.

No Day Tickets Allowed on Lower River Calder Valley.

Exit J31 off M62 Eastbound, keep left onto California Drive, go under the railway bridge and take the third left signposted Altofts into Pope Street, once in the village turn right opposite the church down Foxholes Lane. Drive down the lane until you cross over the canal bridge and  turning right a grassed car park will be found on the left between the lane and river. Permanent peg 52 is in the car park and the fishing continues  upstream approximately 1600 yards to peg 1 at the upstream limit. At peg 38/39 a short cut to the left will take you across to the lower pegs .From here the Calder becomes a more meandering steadier deeper water, ideal for pole, waggler and feeder fishing with large Bream, Chub and Perch to be found with vast shoals of Roach and Dace. This is a late Autumn/Winter venue (postcode WF6 2PE).

River Calder Woodnook

Directions as above and continue right down the canal to the bottom car park where the canal enters the river, please park tidily and respect other users. There are 5 pegs above the canal mouth and approx 10 pegs below. Fantastic fishing in the Autumn and Winter for  Roach.  Also good head of skimmers, Chub, Perch and many double figure Pike.

River Calder Mexborough Estates, Near LS26 9DF

From Castleford drive to the village of Methley there turn on Watergate and look for a gated lay-by on the left hand side. A key will be needed to access this length (available from club secretary) once through the gate drive down the track and keep to the right coming to a small open grassed area, park here and go through the gate up the flood bank to the river. Peg 1 being upstream below M62 Bridge peg 19 last peg above the weir and 20 to 50 odd below the weir. The directions from Stanley follow Methley Road (Watergate) drive past M62 road Bridge, lay-by is on the right just after the Mexborough Arms pub. NOTE: GATE MUST BE LOCKED ON ENTRY AND EXIT!!  Easy access to all pegs along the flood bank and the target here is Bream! with Chub/Roach/Ide and  large Perch  quite common. If you have the patience this is the length for a big weight, Bream to 8lb on matches. Match weights in excess of 40lb needed to win on a regular basis. (Nearest LS26 9DF).


Woodlesford Fishery, Lemondroyde Lock LS26 8AE.

Take Fleet Lane in Oulton to Bridge over Aire and Calder Navigation, over bridge second gate on your right use key for entry to car park by weir two.          Fish this bank downstream to Nab End with Lemonroyd Lock, go over foot bridge and fish upstream past weir one to limit sign, fish downstream to limit sign. To fish weir one this side go past second gate and continue on road to car park on your right, go over flood bank and fish from weir one downstream to weir two.

Methley Fishery.

Station Road Methley LS26 9JA. Enter through metal barrier, fish downstream to limit sign, continue on Station Road to the end , see entry sign board, fish upstream to below Lemonroyd Lock fish downstream to first entry.

RIVER AIRE, Knottingley, WF11 8ND

Approx 5Pegs. Park in the lay-by next to the river and fish from the Old Ornamental Bridge upstream down to the motorway bridge.                                                    NO FISHING OFF THE CONCRETE TO THE CANAL.