Mirfield AC Club Waters

A growing group of proactive and enthusiastic anglers


Huddersfield Narrow Canal

From Lock 1 behind the University up to Lock 11E

A typical length of canal at 11/13 metres wide and 5ft deep down the track, what is not so typical is the variety of species, Chub, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Carp, Gudgeon, Tench & Skimmers

Huddersfield Broad Canal

From Lock 1 at Bradley up to Lock 1 on the Narrow Canal – the entire canal.

The Clubs first ever water offers 4 miles of varying fishing, the canal hosts a number of pegs that all anglers want to draw because they continually house shoals of big fish. The Gusher, The incinerator, The Uni, all names match anglers want to hear at the draw bag! The good news is pleasure anglers can access these pegs probably 350 days a year. Carp, Chub and Bream are the big fish targets. But on its day with Caster or maybe Hemp a red letter Roach day is certainly on the cards.


Calder and Hebble Canal

Above The Perseverance Public House on Forge Lane, Thornhill Lees to where the canal re-joins the River Calder. This length is a must when the River Calder is in flood! Fish migrate into the canal for protection and normally feed given the colour the river adds to the canal while in flood. All river species including Grayling and Dace turn up.

Greenwood Canal

A short length which bypasses the weir opposite the Ship Inn Mirfield on the River Calder, access is from the Industrial Estate. Parking on the roadside allows easy access to pegs (although some are high off the water) Like the Perseverance length is a good short stretch that harbours a lot of fish once the lock gates are closed in times of flood conditions on the River Calder. No coarse fish can be ruled out and Rudd have been recorded to 1lb 9oz on this short length.

Aire and Calder Navigation, Whitley to Heck

Whitley Lock to Heck Bridge. M62 exit J34 then take A19 to Selby and immediately take a right turn to Whitley Lock, see sign. A British Waterways Key is required for this length. Park in the angler’s car park just past the house on the right over the bridge, the toilet can be accessed using the same key. Fishing starts on the right past the boat moorings at the water point peg 10 is marked on the tins and continues down to Heck Bridge. For the Heck Bridge entrance park in anglers car park and cross the bridge, turn right through the gate and fish back up to Whitley Lock. This venue can produce big weights of Skimmers and Bream when conditions are favourable. Also contains Perch, Hybrids, Roach, Chub etc.

There is no fishing allowed on opposite bank of the towpath below the locks until past the boat moorings.

Boothferry Canal Allience  Aire and Calder Navigation

As members of the Boothferry Alliance group members can now fish from Great Heck down to Goole. There are numerous access points along this 12 mile stretch of canal, members should go on the BACJCC web site for access points .

Aire and Calder Navigation, Stanley Ferry to Kings Road lock.

The towpath side from Stanley Ferry to Kings Road Lock,  Altofts. BEWARE OF OVERHEAD POWER LINES ON TOWPATH SIDE!! No fishing from Stanley Ferry Road Bridge down to the signpost. Fishing is allowed on the opposite bank, across the road bridge to access these pegs. Parking in the Wood yard at Stanley Ferry, be warned the gate is locked at certain times, see notice board for times at the entry gate. Or park on the left before the gate, space for three cars. DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS!!

For Kings Road Lock drive down Foxholes Lane in Altofts to the Canal, park on left in car park adjacent to the canal and walk upstream to peg1. Quality fishing all the way through with big Roach, Perch, Ide, Chub, Bream to be caught. If you want to practice pole or waggler fishing this is an ideal length with fish at close quarters or down the far bank. Fish are spread throughout the length so no long walks required.

From narrow canals to big canals “take your pick”

Three of the infamous hard fighting Heck Bream