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Mirfield AC Bailiffs

Our club bailiffs and information

Meet The Bailiffs

Our team of bailiffs is eight strong and include among their ranks a retired police officer, an ex army paratrooper, and a martial arts black belt who all patrol our fisheries for the sole purpose of protecting the interests of our club and its membership. Foremost in their responsibilities is to keep our waters free from poachers and illegal methods of catching fish, but also include ensuring that club rules, car parking and correct access are being observed. Your safety while enjoying a day’s sport on club waters is also an important part of their role as a club bailiff, please remember they are volunteering their time in the best interest of all members.
It is important if you are a new member or when visiting a club water for the first time you read all the rules that are in force at that water, in particular relating to access and parking. All the rules are in place for good reason and often to satisfy riparian owner’s conditions in our lease. Ignorance of club rules in general will not be an accepted excuse for breaking them and we will not allow the actions of one to jeopardise our access and enjoyment of club waters for all responsible members.
If and when you meet one of the bailiff team or any club official in person we would appreciate that you co-operate fully with any instruction or guidance they give you. If at any time you see other anglers breaking rules or suspect they are fishing illegally do not hesitate to contact a club official or bailiff whose phone numbers can be found in your yearbook.