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Series 6 round 6 Last Round 14.12.19. Altofts Kings Road to Stanley Ferry.

By December 18, 2019Match Reports/Results
Match Results
Pos Angler Town/Club Peg No Weight oz Species
1st D Pollitt Mirfield A.C. 11 lb 0 oz
2nd K Hobson Drennan Barnsley 4 lb 8 oz
3rd I Bowman Drennan Barnsley 3 lb 12 oz
4th joint S Webster Tri/cast Calderr 3 lb 8 oz
4th joint A Beech Wakefield 3 lb 8 oz
Final League
1st Martyn Highe Mirfield A C. 87 pts
2nd Eric Green Tri/cast Calde 76 pts
3rd Ian Bowman Drennan Barnsley 75 pts
4th Andy Hampson Mirfield A C. 70 pts