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Woodnook weed clearance

By April 12, 2018News Items

Weed Clearance at Woodnook

Last weekend we had a team of divers clearing weed and other obstructions from the bottom of Woodnook Reservoir to help keep the swims free of snags. This was a largely successful exercise with many large roots removed which we hope will retard weed growth and lead to easier fishing for members as the season moves forward.

However during their dives they observed an “extraordinary ” number of discarded Hemp and Sweetcorn tins littering the bottom of the pond margins. In order to stop this continuing members must in future take these baits to the water in plastic bait tubs. Our bailiffs will be enforcing this ruling with effect from 1st May. We will not allow tin cans onto our fisheries in order to protect the environment. Please ensure that you remove luncheon meat, hemp and sweetcorn etc. from their tins before visiting any of our waters.