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By March 9, 2018News Items

Welcome to our brand new website, of course if a regular visitor you will already have noticed the change of format and new graphics. It has been developed to take advantage of the latest technology [sounds like the latest pole advert!!!!] making it very user friendly and easier to navigate than the previous site.

We now have a “fully responsive” website, which means it is mobile ready and adjusts is presentation to suit the device being used to access it. New clear navigation tabs will take you directly to the information you want,  Match Programme, Club Waters, Club Rules, Match Results, or even allow you to quickly join our club online.

The only thing presently lacking is some fresh new venue photographs and a gallery of members catches from club waters. The recent weather and time of year makes it difficult to get great looking venue pictures and these will follow. In the meantime you can help us build a photo gallery by submitting your own catch pictures to this designated email address, photos@mirfieldac.co.uk Remember to include a few details [ when and where caught and by who etc. ] so that we can correctly caption your pictures.

If your here for the first time, or a regular visitor, please take this opportunity to explore our new site and familiarise yourself with all that being a member of Mirfield AC has to offer.